Yarn Along 26

Joining Ginny to discuss what we are knitting and reading.

Lately my projects are primarily being finished.  I am sssooo very close to finishing my Colors of Fall Meditate.  So close, it is almost painful to knit.

I have begun a swatch for a Gramps cardigan for my nephew. I have frogged it several times and still cannot get the numbers right.  :/  So, I continue to swatch one of the most annoying things to do as a knitter.

Reading wise, I am in the middle of the Real Time Read Along with Discovery of Witches.  The author, Deborah Harkness, is involved with the read along and keeps updating her blog and Facebook with tidbits of the location, her thoughts while writing the book, and fan art for the book.  I am enjoying it even more than I thought I would.  She did right a Read Along book available for ebooks, but honestly her updates and posts have added even more than in the extra ebook.  I highly recommend reading the book and joining in the Real Time Read Along.

I also am caught up with the Count of Monte Cristo done on CraftLit.  I have never been listening along when she posts the episodes.  The beginning was a bit slow for me, but I kept listening/reading it and am really enjoying everything now. It is one of my sister’s favorite books, so that was the main reason I kept listening even when I did not want to.  🙂

On a somewhat similar note, I bought my first pair of reading glasses.  Yep.  They are huge on my face and the hubby says I look like a 1960s nerd… and he likes it.  hehe.  But they prevent me from getting a headache when I read or am on my phone for long periods of time.


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Yarn Along 25

Joining Ginny today to discuss what we are knitting and reading?

I finally, somewhat finished the Pink Hoodlet.  🙂 Yay!  I am trying to decide on whether to have a tassel or not on the hood.  What do you think?  I also need to make a few bobbles that I missed in the cables.

Ignore the silly look on my face.

I am in the process of finishing my Colors of Fall 2016 Meditate Cowl.  It is fantastic binge watching knitting.  🙂  I hope to also start another pair of socks and the Gramps cardigan.

Lately I have been listening to audiobooks.  I have been listening to The Count of Monte Cristo by CraftLit.  Even though I am a bit behind, I just finished Chapter 33.  I do find myself needing to actually visually read parts of the book because Dumas wanders a bit (I know he has a point, but I get lost if I am not completely paying attention).  🙂  Overall I am really enjoying it and keep coming back it.

Also some very exciting news.  There is a read-a-long with one of my absolute favorite books!!  Deborah Harkness is hosting a real time reading of the Discovery of Witches.  It begins on September 18th (very soon) and follows Diana until the end which is on Halloween.  It is a wonderful book filled with history, tea, love, mystery, and autumn.  Oh and England.  😉  If there was a book out there written specifically for my entertainment, this would be it!  If you have never read the book, I highly recommend it, but I do not know if you will be able to stand waiting to read the day’s readings.  😉  Ms Harkness also wrote a “Real Time Reading Compainion” for ebooks, and it is free.  It is also downloaded and ready for Sept 18th.  😉

So what are you reading and knitting lately?

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Yarn Along 24

This month I picked up my Pink Hoodlet again… To finish the hood. 😉 I started out with the opening facing my shoulder, but now I’ve gotten it to where it needs to be. I keep telling myself that eventually I will learn to read all directions, but I still forget this part. 

I started a book featured on the Modern Mrs Darcy’s Kindle Deals. The Lost Art of Dress is a perfect book to read while I transition my wardrobe to warmer clothes. Just today I put up most of my summer clothes, and sorted through some warmer options. Of course it’s not quite fall yet, but the evenings are cooler. 

I’m joining Ginny today. What are you knitting and reading? 

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Transitioning to Fall

My absolute favorite season is Fall.  The colors are so pretty, and the aromas inspire comfort.  Plus there are pumpkins… EVERYWHERE!  🙂 Yes I am a huge fan of pumpkin everything.

As much as I love autumn, I am not a fan of hastening a season just because one is tired of the other season.  I get VERY annoyed when Walmart starts setting out Christmas trees in October.  Nope NOPE NOPE!!!!!  But that’s beside the point.

For years I dreaded the end of summer because my heart and mind were already in cooler weather with sweaters and hot chocolate, but… my body still sweats when it walks outside.  Thankfully, California taught me a beautiful and lovely transition.  Harvest Time!  More particularly grape harvest.  When I visited wine country during August and September (still hot months), the excitement and energy in the air was amazing!  It made the fact that fall was still not HERE better.  So much better.  🙂

So if you are not near wine country (which I am no longer, sadly), how do you celebrate the golden end of summer and grape harvest?  Here are my suggestions:

  • Last year (2015) Bath and Body Works released the PERFECT collection for Transition.  It was the Wine Country Corks and Vines.  It smelled amazing!  Thankfully, they kept a few of the fragrances for candles and hand soaps.  Wine Cellar Candle smell so much like the wine tasting caves in Napa.  So wonderful!  I encourage you to try it! And burn it until the beginning of Fall.  ;). They also have wonderful scents for their hands soaps. I bought Cherry Merlot and Pear Riesling today. 
  • Drink Wine… hehe.  Here’s a few good ones for the end of August
  • In OK, the evenings are rather pleasant, so sit outside and enjoy the cooling weather. If it is not there yet, it is coming!
  • Enjoy the beginning of football season!
  • Foods to enjoy:
    • Tomatoes (those fresh from the vine are not going to last much longer)
    • Stone fruits (oh yum!)
    • Blackberries (these seem like the quieter sister of blueberries.  Their richness adds to the richness of end of summer and harvest)
  • Oh and this seems counter productive, but… go to Bath and Body Works and get yourself some pumpkin candles.  They will be gone when it is time to burn them! (Sadly).

What are some of your favorite things about the end of summer?  How do you handle the transition to fall?

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Yarn Along 23

Hello… Again.

Drinking French Press Coffee with Hazelnut (yum) and joining Ginny.

I toke a slight detour in my reading by reading the Hathways series all the way through again… Does anyone ever do that?  I find that books particularly about loving families are comforting during stressful times in my life.  So… Now that I have finished the series for the second time, I wanted to start something different.  And thankfully my library had a requested book of mine on hand for me!

So… I am currently reading What Alice Forgot.  I read a chapter or two in Barnes and Noble one day when I considered purchasing it.  However, my budget was a bit tight, so I thought the library would be a better route.  I was a bit skeptical about the book; however, just in the few pages I read, I was overwhelmed with sympathy of the main character.  It is written in first person, so I completely felt lost and confused just like Alice.  I am very excited to see where the book goes!

I also cast on a new project.  In the podcast Yarniacs, they have Colors of the Season KAL.  This is an awesome idea.  They take the colors of the specific season from Pantone and make them into garments one can wear.  I love this idea, particularly for accessories.  One will always feel in season!  🙂 So I started the Meditate in two of the colors: Sharkskin and Potter’s Clay.  (Not my favorite of the colors, but they were from my stash.)

This knit is getting me excited for fall, as noted by the coffee drinking.

What are you reading and knitting this week?

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This was written about 5 years ago… I still like this recipe.  Enjoy

Alas, my bi-monthly breakfasts are finished.  The specific times we were holding them no longer works for everyone, but not to worry, we will be having girl’s nights!!! 😉 So the recipes will still be coming.  For our last breakfast, the host had a lovely sandwich that was phenomenal!!  A local restaurant serves it as a lunch sandwich paired with a mixed green salad.  This would be perfect with almost anything, salad, soup, or bacon and beignets.  Think of it as an Italian BLT!  A buttery flaky croissant with a creamy poached egg sits on salty Prosciutto, crisp lettuce, and tomato.  Simple, yes, elegant, totally!  I also discovered another way to poach an egg.  I highly recommend it because you are able to focus on putting the sandwich together without having to monitor the eggs too closely.

Julia Burrage

Green leaf Lettuce
Slice Tomato
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
¼ cup mayo
1 egg
Cooking spray

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Spray a muffin tin with cooking spray.  Crack the egg into one cup of the muffin tins being careful not to break the yolk. If you are making more, crack the other eggs into the other cups.  Fill the empty cups half full of water.  Bake for 8-9 minutes until the white is no longer opaque.  (This is sooner than you think. 13 minutes is too long!)

Meanwhile, mix together the Dijon mustard and mayo.  Spread over the croissant, layer a tomato slice, piece of lettuce, and Prosciutto slice over one side.  Take the eggs out of the oven, and carefully remove one egg and place on top of the Prosciutto.  Top with the other croissant half.

Makes 1.

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Yarn Along 22

(I know I just published last week’s this week, so here’s what’s up this week;> )

Join Ginny today… Again. 

I started a Baby Amanda hat to complete the baby set for my friend. Currently she’s 38 weeks, so I had to get moving! 

I also am thinking of Christmas gifts. Christmas in July seems to be a things, so I am taking it as a time to think of projects for Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations. Any thoughts? Or ideas? Should I have a theme like, everyone gets socks? No. I’m having trouble with sock sizes. Newho just some thoughts. What are yours? 

I started a book called Could I Have This Dance?   A girl at work let me borrow this book and its companion. I’m only about 10 pages in, but so far I am enjoying it. The author is a doctor, so… I’m interested. 

I also am rereading Mine Till Midnight. I needed some fluff but nothing new. 😉

What are you knitting and reading? 

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