Genesis 1:28

“… Have dominion over the earth and all those who inhabit it…”

So often when we read genesis chapter
1, we get caught up in the thought porcess of how and when the earth and all it’s inhabitants were created. This is fine in it’s own right; however, after everyone has agrued their sides, we still miss a point that should become a major practice in our daily lives. The main points are God creating the earth, man being made in His own image, and this all being good. But a major point many followers of Christ miss is this: we are to subdue and have dominion over the earth. We are to rule and care for the earth and it’s inhabitants. We as the Church of Christ have greatly missed that boat. We don’t care for our planet any more than those who don’t believe it was a gift from an almighty God. Start to transition to be green. Not fanatical of course, but care for what God has given us. Don’t print our thousands of cppies of paper so people don’t have to look through a hymnal to find words to a song.
Recycle, reuse resources we have. We are called to be Stewarts as followers of Christ; be a stewart in using the planets resources. Christians should be leaders in this movement, not missing the bandwagon! Yes it will burn an be replaced, but so will our money yet how many sermons are taught about being good Stewarts of that.

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