Reason I like Sense and Sensibility from PBS

I still like the Emma Thompson’s Sense and Sensibility, but i think I m beginning to adore the Masterpiece theater version of the beloved book.  It shows more of the characters that are portrayed in the book that I like.  Particularly I like Lucy Steele (not the character but the portrayal of the character better).  She is manipulative and stupid, and tat is shown in the movie.  And it shows my favorite part.  when Wilabuy shows his face when Marianne is so very ill. However, Marianne hears, which does not happen.  But I also like the mother better.  She is more proper and shows more distain to moving to the cottage, which is more likely to happen.  I do like the sea which is beautiful.  Hmm… I do not like how readily Marianne is ready to love Brandon after the incident.  I felt that it was more of an attachment which happened over the course of weeks.  I am writing this as I watch the movie.  We shall see how Edward’s proposal happens.

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