Oh course, every off weekend I have, I find myself nervous that it could be wasted on arguments and disagreement between my hubby and I.  Not that it is a regular occurrence; however, the mood can be so damaging, no one wants to go through that crap again.  So when the mood is light and airy mixed with satisfaction, the weekend becomes a get-away from daily like.  That is the recipe for a home “get-away”, not all of the junk one can buy giving an area a theme.

To start my body was well rested.  Two full nights of sleep.  Ah… I would love to be back there.  Then I didn’t worry about much.

The patio furniture helped.  Planting my herbs helped as well.  After working out in the yard with a tad bit of sun on ones back, nothing is better than homemade pizza in front of a good TV show.  Yep, a rich tomato sauce, homemade crust (I have the best recipe), sausage, red-wine sauteed shittaki mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese.  Yummy!!!

The Frog and the Herb

Using the patio furniture.  Eating really good food when I went out to eat.  Though weonly drove an hour, I felt that we were leaving the area to enjoy really good food.  I was completely full.  Oysters, wine, salad, and rolls.  I love food.

Sunday: Padded into the kitchen to make muffins.  Eating the muffins and fruit salad in bed.  Then relaxing in our PJs because it is pouring rain outside and there is nothing to do.  I knew it was coming to an end, but it was better than any vacation that does not have the harmony between the hubby and I.

I would love to visit that place again.

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