For the passion to be inspired.

Earlier today I came face to face with a great source of pain I have dealt with this past year. Also very early this morning I was in a mooping mood, upset with people who are beautiful and have an excellent fashion sense. I am not remotely in that category. So a friend suggested I write a gratitude journal. So here is a bit of the beginning. (It will probably be updated throughout the day.)

I am thankful for…

My husband and his butt.

Dark chocolate.

Planning for teas with ones I love.

My kitchen.

Food blogs.


Moments that are captured in our minds like photographs.

Cooking with friends, then indulging oneself in the product along with a glass of wine.


Painting taking oneself away from this place.

Books that makes one laugh out loud.

The desire to learn.

Looking for and finding rainbows.

Food having the ability to transport, indulge, comfort, energize, and inspire.

Pie with peaks of goodness.

Peaks of Goodness

Cremsicle Pie (given to me by Emily Young)

¼ cup boiling water
1 small package of Jell-O (desired flavor)
2 (6 oz.) cartons of similar yogurt flavor
1 small tub of Cool Whip
1 graham cracker crust
Garnish (for strawberry pie, get strawberries. For key lime pie, get limes. For chocolate pie, shave chocolate.)
Dissolve the Jell-O into the boiling water. Add the yogurt and whip until smooth. Whip in half of the tub of Cool Whip. Then fold the rest of the cool whip in. Pour into crust and chill for 3-4 hours.

Makes 1 pie.

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