The Book Is On The Shelves

Good News!!!!  Mrs. Patty’s (my college roommate’s mother) has published another book!!!  It is called Easy Parties and Wedding Celebrations.  And it in stores!  I received my copy in the mail this morning. It is such an elegant book, which all of her cookbooks, minus the At the Table with Patty Roper, could be a coffee table book.  And boy are the recipes delicious!!!!  Some suggestion: the White Wine Cake (a different tasting cake, but Delicious!), Seafood Lasagna, and the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Key Lime Pie!!!! So very good.  When I was cooking for her this past December, I noticed that she has a couple of ingredients that she uses over and over again.  Same goes for all cooks. If you don’t believe me, look at Everyday Italian, Paula Dean’s cookbooks, and Rachael Ray.  The only one who may be a little different is Barefoot Contessa.  However, I need to get back on subject.  I highly recommend getting the book, Easy Parties and Wedding Celebrations.  It has half a section on weddings, but the first section contains recipes for parties.  This book has Southern hospitality down to a “T”; although, Mrs. Patty is Southern hospitality personified!!!!

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