My Cake Attempt

Birthdays are always important to me. I think ultimately they are my most important holiday. It feels as though we are celebrating the life of someone without being their funeral. Everyone deserves to be appriciated for a day, even if they are mean or a jerk. They are alive and have the potential to be great. Plus it is a wonderful way to eat and have wonderful cake. Recently I have begun to enjoy cake and frosting. When I was younger, I would want the cake to come warm with ice cream (still warm chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream: magnafic!!). But after my wedding cake being the best I’ve ever had, my taste buds could enjoy cake in many forms. I still cannot stand store bought cakes that have no flavor. And I am by no means an expert. I usually do not make layered cakes (only about 2 in my lifetime), I am going to test my skills as a baker and make a layered cake. (For the party there will also be ice cream cake, so I’m covered.)
This is my hubby’s all time favorite cake. It seems healthy. 😉

baked cakes frosting

Sunshine Cake
I must admit: I am a box cake maker. I will make a cake that is from scratch, but I do like the flavors of a box cake mix. I know my great-grandmother is rolling over in her grave!

1 yellow box cake mix (and the rest if the ingredients for the cake minus the water)
1 (16 oz) can of mandrine oranges, drained

1 (16 oz) tub of Coll Whip
1 (16 oz) crushed pineapple, drained
1 (large) box of vanilla pudding (instant)

Mix the cake according to the package directions replacing the mandarin oranges for the water. Stir all together until the oranges are slightly chopped up in the mix. Pour into three cake pans (because it is VERY hard to cut into layers). And bake according to the box directions. Cool completely.
To make the frosting: drain the pineapple completely. The mix together the cool whip, pudding, and pineapple.
Frost the cake, and chill.
Serves: 8 ish.

frosted cake

I forgot to take a picture while the cake was out of the fridge.  I will take one later! Promise


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4 Responses to My Cake Attempt

  1. adonohoe says:

    It looks great!! I’ll have to make this soon 🙂

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  4. Tony says:

    Love it!!!

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