"Have no fear"

tea cups

Writing this blog I have come to several conclusions, first I am no professional photographer.  Not even close.  I do not know if I do not have a good camera or I just do not have the skills to have the angles just so, but my pictures seem to look weird and “homemade”.  But that is ok.  I will learn.  Second.  I need start writing more often. I read an article about writing food blogs that are successful (whether this definition of successful is similar to mind, I don’t know) that said to write as much as possible and have many pictures. As you have noticed, I have written three days in a row.  A big feet for someone who is not a writer and who never made “A’s” in English.  I am trying.  I began reading the numerous food blogs out there several months ago and loved every bit of it.  I enjoyed learning how to cook various things, and enjoyed reading new recipes without having to spend hundreds of dollars on new cookbooks.  The bad part is I forget to write them down, and I cannot seem to find what I was wanting to cook for next weeks dinner.  All this to say… Reader, please be patient with me.  I want so badly for this to be a place where you have an uplifted soul when you leave.  I want you to want to cook when you leave.  This might be accomplished to some degree, but as I keep writing and keep cooking, I hope the joy will flow through the computer to you.  I hope that my prose will improve and my pictures will look more appetizing.  This little spill is due to my feelings of inadequacies after reading whimsical descriptions of someone’s day in the kitchen and look through their beautiful pictures.  But… I will do as Julia Child says, “HAVE NO FEAR!”  I will not have fear.  I will continue and hope that I will get better.

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