Happy New Year!!

My dear friends,

Happy New Year!!! The official holiday season is over, and we are in the process of cleaning everything up. Also on our minds are the new year’s resolutions that will either plague and haunt or ignite and impassionate us for the coming year’s goals. I hope that the later will be true for all of us. A review of this past year’s resolutions are as follows: take more pictures, check!; go on a vacation, does a weekend get-away count?; and learn Spanish, not even close. Oh well, I guess 1.5 for 3 is quite  alright. I do have more photos to put on my digital picture frame and to enjoy the memories that surround them. Why do people hate to take pictures? Who cares if you do not look your best in one out of a million? Remember the laughter and fun times that are associated with that particular picture. NEWHO. So what are your resolutions? Lose weight? Get in shape? Learn a new language? My sister, who has a book blog here, is going to read 100 books. I commend her. And believe me she will accomplish this, she is a very fast reader. In talking with co-workers, one in particular encouraged me to start cooking for people. I admit, I have thought long a hard and researched getting my personal chef’s license, however, the big unknown has frightened me a bit. So this year, I will get my license share my creations legally. My research went as far as knowing somewhat to expect. The next step will be to call
my city hall, and talk with them about the requirements. I will keep you posted throughout the
Another resolution concerns you. I really want to keep writing about food and sharing my
recipes. So I will post at least once a week. (The goal has to be attainable!)
The pictures will of course be optional, but those hopefully will improve as well. There you go, readers. I halfway feel like I am setting myself up for failure, but accomplish we our goals we shall. I truly hope that your year will bring hope and happiness. Happy New Year to you all! P.S. I am going to read through the entire Joy of Cooking Cookbook. 🙂

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3 Responses to Happy New Year!!

  1. Hannah says:

    I love it! I am happy to know that you are even thinking about getting your personal chef’s license. I don’t even know what that means, but I’m proud of you nevertheless. It seems way more professional than reading. 🙂 I think reading Joy of Cooking is a great idea. Perhaps we need to make a goal of going through that something like the Julie-and-Julia idea. I need to read both my Joy of Cooking and the beautiful, wonderful Julia Child cookbooks I have. Perhaps I will tackle that now that I’m caught up on bills. 🙂 Love you lots and can’t wait to read from you soon.

    • teawithsb says:

      a personal chef is one who can either cook for a client in their kitchen, or brings the client meals. It is a little less formal than a Caterer. I think. At least that is my definition. 🙂

  2. Alisha says:

    You go girl! Let me know how it goes and what all is involved! Maybe we could tackle it together?

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