Tribute to my mom

This weekend we are visiting my parents for my niece’s 2nd birthday.  As I looked around my mom’s kitchen, I definitely noticed where I got my love for tea.  Her house is filled with tea, teacups, teapots, and tea related items.  She has tons of books on tea, a tea calendar every year, and tea every single morning.  And after I started photographing her dishes and tea “corners”, she should me a few of her tablescapes for her tea parties.  We photographed them for you to get some ideas.  Underneath the pictures I will put the china patterns used in each picture.  I am starting to understand my camera and have taken so many pictures.  These are my favorites.

Here you can view my mother’s baker rack with her afternoon tea books, recipe books, and tea room directories.  Beside the teapot is her cozy (quilted thing that keeps the teapot warm).

My favorite teacup.  The Queen Victoria teacup holding Darjeeling tea.  In the background are some of her smaller tea books.  The quilt in the background is one she made.

The teapot is from Pier One, and the teacups, and sugar bowl and creamer are Noritake. My mom made the tablerunner.

Gracie Bone China

Butterfly Meadow by Lenox

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2 Responses to Tribute to my mom

  1. Benoy says:

    Your mom sure has some beautiful collection. Lovely!

  2. Hannah says:

    So very beautiful. I guess I forget how lucky we are to have been introduced to tea and tea-ish things at an early age. I am still surprised at the girl at Teavana saying “It’s fun because you get it.” and I want to say, “Of course. who doesn’t?” Apparently, not everyone was lucky enough to be introduced to the beautiful, fellowship, and calming nature of tea. 🙂 Great post. Love the pictures!

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