Tea Tasting

In my mother’s city, she has a Teavana in a mall close by.  Since in Mississippi we do not have a solely tea store, I kind of went crazy.  And my sister bought several teas as well to add to her stock.  Since we bought so many teas, we decided to have a tea tasting.  Thankfully my mom has tons of teapots, which enabled us to steep all of the teas in their own pot.  While I visited the store, I talked to an employee.  I have noticed that several teas have a distinct temperature and steep time that produce the best tasting tea.  Though I know this is important, I have not paid much attention to them because I did not know a way to regulate the temperature while my water is heating in my hot-pot.  This is the advise he gave me.  I will test it when I get home.

  • For 205 degrees: ideal for black, rooibos, herbal, and mate teas, allow the hot-pot to boil.
  • For 195 degrees: ideal for Pu-reh teas, allow the hot-pot to boil, then leave it alone for one minute.  Then pour the water into the pot.
  • For 175 degrees, ideal for green and white teas, leave boiled water alone for about 3 minutes.

The teas we tasted ranged from rooibos to herbals.  We did not taste any black or oolong teas.  Here are my notes for the tasting.  Here is the Teavana website.

Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate: The color is beautiful with a delicate raspberry scent.  Upon initial taste, the lemon is apparent.  I think it would be lovely iced with a bit of sugar.  Out of 10 I give it a 7.
Skinny Chai Pu-erh:  The scents reminded us of Christmas.  The star anise is strong with a slight pepper after bite.  I will be using two teaspoons per cup. 5/10
My Morning Mate:  This tea is supposed to kick the morning coffee habit.  I really enjoyed its cocoa flavorings along with the vanilla.  I will be able to drink this instead of coffee, but will enjoy the pick-me-up. 8/10
Jasmine Dragon Pearls:  The dried teas are beautiful little pearls, hand rolled. The tea does need to be stronger, but I enjoyed the Jasmine taste.  Afterwards I mixed this with the Sweet Fruit Garden. 5/10
Imperial Acai Blueberry White:  The blueberry is lovely and is accented with the black currant.  The tea does have rooibos tea in the blend, which gives the tea more body. 6/10
Apple Lemon Pomegranate Rooibos:  The initial taste is the lemon, and the tea has a nice fruity taste.  6/10
Strawberry Lemonade Herbal: I am not a fan of lemonade, so this was not a favorite.  However, I think T would drink this cold with sugar.  The associate said that this is wonderful mixed with Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate 4/10
Sweet Fruit Garden Herbal: This tea has the most beautiful color.  With a ton of dried fruit, this tea is lovely added to any place black, white, or rooibos tea.  6/10

I highly suggest you have a tea tasting close to you.  We had different pots, but only one is needs, a couple of different teas, either tea bags or infusers, and some sugar.  Some cookies or scones would have been a great addition, but they were not necessary.  My sister read the descriptions of each tea, as we tasted it, as well as the health benefits and preparation.  I highly enjoyed myself.

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One Response to Tea Tasting

  1. Hannah says:

    I guess we did go a little crazy. But it’s always so much fun. How else will you figure out if you like things? Woohoo! My tea got second place! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. It was so much fun to see you and experience tea with you again!

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