Week 2

My dear friends,

Yesterday marked the beginning of our second week of the tea marathon. I am truly excited about everything I want to show you. Today I started working on some tea-brined Chicken. This will be grilled and served with a tea-lemon gravy. The brining is to be done overnight though. I also had hoped that I would be able to share with you some Green Tea ice cream; however, the one asian market in my town does not carry Matche green tea powder. The green tea powder is how the japanese usually drink their tea. The tea is mixed into the hot water with a special bamboo whisk. Teavana carried these along with the special bowls. So I have placed my order to Amazon.com. Isn’t the internet amazing!!! Today I just received some new teas from Bingley’s Tea Limited. I am drinking Miss Elizabeth as we speak. I am enjoying it greatly. The tea is a black blend with sweet cranberries and blue marigolds to symbolize “her fine eyes” that captured mr. Darcy in the first place. With the brilliant first taste of Bingley’s Teas, I am anticipating a lovely tea tasting in the near future.
So another tea tasting, Grilled Chicken with Tea-Lemon gravy, green tea ice cream all things to look forward to!
As you are enjoying your tea, perhaps you would enjoy Downton Abbey, a new mini series on PBS. The
full episodes are available on their website as well as iTunes. The story is written by the same person who wrote Godsford Park. In Downton Abbey, the family, consisting of three daughters, learns that the two closest heirs have tragically died in the sinking of the Titanic. The next heir is a third cousin who is in the high-middle class (which is disagreeable to some of the family). I highly recommend the series. I find it having a similar portrait of characters as Jane Austen’s writings. Even though only the second episode has been broadcasted in America, I am very tempted to rent the rest of the episodes from iTunes.

If you have any particular requests or questions concerning tea or afternoon tea service, please feel free to email me or send me a comment? Until next tea time!


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