Austen and Tea

And earlier post I wrote when I discovered Bingley’s Tea Limited.

Dear Friends,
I write this to you in haste!  During these lovely holidays, friends have given me the gift of tea.  I loved it all!  And have been sipping away reading Tea Time and the many books that have piled on my nightstand (figuratively and literally).  I have discovered a new line of tea that ignites my excitement very much.  The line intertwines two of my most favorite things in the world: Jane Austen and Tea.  The Bingley Teas, Ltd, created the Jane Austen Tea Series.  The teas are individually named for a character or subject in one of her books.  On one website, I entered into a contest.  I think I might just go ahead and order at least the Longbourn Wedding Tea and possibly Emma’s Perfect Match.  Because I tend to get excited and buy the store out when I discover something new, I will sleep on it.  But in the meantime, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters is in my hand, and my new teas are in my pot.  Happy Sipping!

Today’s post:

My Dear Friends,
I was so happy to receive this in the mail yesterday just before work.  Before I loved tea, I loved Jane Austen.  Her novels were inspiring and in-depth views of her characters, and she views the sister bond in great length.  I hope that those who do not have siblings have those who they consider sibling/friendships.  I have two sisters.  One much older than I and one younger.  My youngest sister is my best friend; she and I were two peas in a pod.  We constantly bickered and argued over the stupidest things.  However we our favorite task was giggling.  When we were younger, we would look at each other and just laugh until we couldn’t laugh any longer.  Then we would look at each other again, and giggle some more.  Even to this day, if something tickles us we giggle until tears are in our eyes.  She and I both love Jane Austen.  For my “wisdom teeth extraction” she bought me the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.  We watched the whole thing; my hazy dreams were filled with Mrs. Bennet’s shrill voice, and Elizabeth’s vexation over Mr. Darcy’s early arrival to Pemberley.  This past weekend I discovered that she loves tea as much as I!  Oh how I wish we lived closer together so that we could take tea together; maybe some day soon.  In the meantime, we will write as Jane and Cassandra did while drinking our teas in our pretty little teacups.  If you have never read Austen’s works, I highly suggest getting a copy, having a dictionary on hand, and observing her complex characters.  Even now when I read her books, I see people in my life in the stories.
Austen’s novels also contain a vast amount of tea.  Tea was a daily part of her life, and according to my newest tea book, one that she adored.  Tea with Jane Austen is a fabulous book recording the depth of Jane’s love for tea as well as the roll of tea in her society.  During Jane’s life time, the tea became an integral part of English society.  The shops did serve tea to their customers as in Persuasion when Anne is visiting Bath.  And to serve tea to your guests showed signs of status and wealth.  Tea was expensive and difficult to get quality tea.  I just read the chapter talking about Jane buying the family’s tea in London!!  I highly recommend this book to any tea and book lover!!  While I read it during my “tea break”, I drank the traditional English breakfast and read the book in a charming cup I bought in London.  The book makes me want to buy some Twinnings (the tea that Jane drank) tea and re-read the beloved books all over again.

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