Work Tea Time

yes I know there is a decaf pictured here, but I forgot to pack the good stuff.

Even though we do not live in the Victorian age and most of us are not royalty, we all have to work during “tea time”. Thankfully, though we do have modern conveniences that make it possible to have a tea break during our busy work days that does not take hours to prepare. My co-workers and I just bought our unit a Keurig coffee machine; Twinning’s has a line of their teas available in K-cups. I have tried their Earl Grey and was pleased with the results. A packet of sugar and smidge of cream means we are in the business of tea. Add a cookie or leftover scones, and you have your own quiet “tea time”. A pretty mug (because mugs are usually more sturdy) with steaming sweet tea makes my last break a special quiet time to relax and enjoy my tea.
If you do not have a special hot pot, hot water dispenser, or Keurig machine, you willhave to use the microwave. Oh the disgrace. Haha. But one must do what one must do to have tea. Just microwave a cup of water for about 1 ½ minutes. This should get your water hot enough to brew the tea without boiling over. Also teabags are wonderful things!! My favorite work teas are: Vanilla Caramel by Bigalow, Earl Grey by Twinings, and English Breakfast by Celestial Seasonings. Our favorite cookies my friends and I love for our work tea gathering are Biscoff! They are just the right texture to dip into the teas. Whatever you wish to eat with your cup of tea.

Early Grey with a Chocolate Chip Scone

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