Almost as British as tea is trifle.  The beauty of trifle is one can use just about anything and use any flavor.  If you do not like chocolate, use vanilla or strawberry or any other kind of flavors.  Trifles can be made into single servings or in a beautiful big glass bowl showing off the layers.  I usually use Angel food cake or pound cake, but I have heard of others using sponge cake and ladyfingers.  So there are so many options.  My favorite is a fall one with gingerbread and pumpkin and butterscotch pudding; my mom made it when I was younger.  According to  Wikipedia, trifle is a “dessert dish made from thick (often solidified) custard, fruit, sponge cake, fruit juice or gelatin, and whipped cream.”  The Joy of Cooking cookbook has one make a custard and use raspberries, which would be lovely!!  I just though of a one to suit a fireside tea: a shortbread made with graham cracker crumbs, marshmallow cream, and chocolate sauce.  Hmm..  will work on that one!  But just use your favorite flavors, and you will come up with a wonderful, elegant trifle!
To serve this with tea, would be splendid.  Serve it as the dessert course.

¼ Pound cake (store-bought or this recipe)
1 small package White Chocolate Pudding (I used jello) or this recipe
1 recipe of Lemon Curd
½ pint Blueberries
¼ tub of Whipped topping (or whipped cream)

Depending on what you are putting your trifle in will determine what goes on the bottom.  Here I put mine in a martini glass.  So the bottom is a bit small for a piece of cake.  I put lemon curd, pound cake brushed with a blackberry liqueur, pudding, blueberries, then repeat once.  The on top I added a layer of whipped cream.  If you were to do this in a trifle bowl, I would suggest starting with the pound cake.  Serving it would be easier because something solid is on the bottom.  Start with the pound cake, brushing with blackberry liqueur, then layer pudding, blueberries, and lemon curd.  Since the bowl will be bigger, quadruple the recipe. (Using a whole pound cake)
The beauty of trifles is there are very little rules.  Cakes or cake-like substance is a must; pudding is a must; and whipped cream is a must for the top.
The recipe above makes two small trifles.

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