For the Love of Tea

My dear friends,
Oh for the love of tea!  I have such an addiction that I am on the verge of needing therapy.   I found a new website that features loose leaf tea; they have samples!!!! for only $2 a piece.  Also on their website are these teapots I adore for a very low price as well.  Their teas are decadent blends like Chocolate Coconut Lime, Banana Split, White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice, and my favorite Blueberry (or Strawberry) Cheesecake black tea.  Yum!  While I was searching their website, I also looked into Harney and Son’s website.  Their Valentine’s tea is with chocolate and rosebuds!   When I go shopping, I will be looking for that tin, and will serve the tea to my honey with red velvet scones.  Oh how romantic! 😉
Some exciting news is I received a gift from a friend!  When she visited for tea, she noted my oven mitt was in a state of burnt to a crisp.  So she sent me a new mitt and some new tea!!!  English Breakfast by Harney and Sons.  Their tins are lovely and are such pretty decoration!  On their website, one can purchase tea leaves in bags to refill the tins.  I have not tried this new tea, but tomorrow I shall brew myself a cuppa.
Teas so many teas!  And that is not all that fuels my love for tea!  There are calendars!!!  Teapots and tea tips are featured with every single month.  My mother has them in her tea corner to view all year round.  If there are in more in the stores, I will be buying one.  The photography is beautiful, and one can view a different teapot every month.  It’s like having a brand new teapot once a month!  Of course if you are like my mom, she looks at them all at once.  When my hubby was asking my father for my hand in marriage, she was distracting me with showing me all the teapots in that year.  😉  I never will forget that day, nor that calendar!

Last but not least of my favorite “tea items” is the tea magazine!!  Friends bought me Tea Time magazine for Christmas, and I loved every page.  Have you ever read something, spoken with someone, or seen a clip that reminds you of a part of your being you had forgotten?  Reading the Tea Time magazine for Jan/Feb 2011 did this for me.  I had forgotten how much beauty and grace is in a simple cup of tea or an afternoon spent with friends sharing tea and sweet things.  I had missed inviting people to come have a cup of tea with me (a regular occurrence in the dorm). That week I ordered myself a subscription, and as my mom says, devoured every copy I could get my hands on.  My mom did introduce me to Tea Magazine, which contains articles and stories about the drink itself.  Their focus is on the tea production and proper preparation, where as, Tea Time Mag is more about afternoon tea and etiquette, though they do feature stories about the tea leaf and history.  Both are enjoyable for anyone who enjoys tea, which I fit under that definition.
So whatever suits your fancy, enjoy the act of tea and the drink of tea in any shape or form.

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