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A little while ago, I found the Bingley’s Teas Ltd. through my research of Jane Austen.  The company is a genius; they have used one of Ms. Austen’s favorite things as a medium to give us more of her beloved characters.  All of the teas are what I would have imagined each and every character.  I have not tried them all, but the ones I did taste were beautiful blends and different from other companies.  They all come in a book style box, which is wonderful to be sent with their book themselves, and the packaging is foil and resealable.  My only “complaint” with the teas is the label does not contain the temperature and time for brewing; however, the labels are regency style pictures with descriptions on the teas and they provide the brewing information on their website.  Here are our notes on the tea tasting:

  • Miss Elizabeth: As I reviewed it before, the tea is beautiful to look at and lovely to drink.  (I’m telling you, we kept stating out loud, “Oh this is lovely!” )  The tangy-ness of the cranberry really comes out in the black tea.  Everyone loved this tea.
  • Wicked Wickham: This is a white tea with a fruity taste.  As the website states, “how can it be bad?”  I gave it an 8/10.
  • Treasures from the Colonel: This would be the “chai” of the collection.  Though I expected it to taste just like chai, it was different.  The spices blended well without being too strong.  I added a bit of milk and sugar, and we drank the whole pot.  This was the favorite of all three of us.  9/10
  • Marianne’s Wild Abandon: The companion tea of Treasures from the Colonel is just that.  Thankfully I was correct in preparing them together (even though I had not read the website).  They were so nicely suited for each other.  This blend was a green and black tea mix with dried fruits.  Two of us could really taste the apricots, and the flowers rounded out the flavor.  This was also a favorite of hostess. 7/10
  • Bingley’s Signature Blend:  Mr. Bingley seeks to please everyone, and his name sake tea does just that.  It is a blend of black teas that is smooth to the tongue.  This tea would compliment an assortment of foods and is perfect to serve with afternoon tea!  8/10
  • Longbourn Wedding Tea:  This is my favorite.  It is a white tea with rosebuds and champagne.  And I love champagne!  The tea leaves are beautiful with little roses mixed it.  I almost feel bad throwing it away after I brew the second batch.  The flavor is light and airy with the hint of summer, just a wedding should be.  10/10
  • Sweet Jane:  This jasmine infused, vanilla black tea is just as I would think of Jane.  It has a sweet flavor and smell.  The vanilla really shines through this tea.  I like sweet things, so I loved this tea.  I do not know if I would drink it all the time, but for a dessert course, it would be my first pick.  8/10

All of the teas are “lovely!” as was said over and over again.  Jane would have been proud to have these teas representing her characters.  Well done!!!  I highly recommend them to any Austen lover and/or tea lover!!

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5 Responses to Bingley’s Teas Limited

  1. juliam says:

    Thank you for reviewing our teas! I love Jane Austen and have great respect for her characters and for quality tea. As a quick note, we do have steeping suggestions on the back of each Jane Austen Book of tea. Our main line has a tea label on the back of each pouch with steeping suggestions too.
    Thanks much for trying our tea and we wish you many happy tea parties in the future!

  2. Susan Kaye says:

    I had the pleasure of sitting next to the ladies of Bingley Teas at a Jane Austen Society of North America function some months ago. You’re right about Longborn Wedding Tea, it is wonderful. If you like a stronger tea, try The Captain, “a stout CTC Assam and Keemun blend to weather any storm.” It’s my special occasion tea.

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