Gunpowder Green

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. ~C.S. Lewis

From the website:
Charleston’s annual Isle of Palms Yacht Race is the perfect occasion for boiled crab, iced tea, and social téte-a-tétes. From their vantage point in White Pine Garden at the top of the Historic Peninsula, Theodosia Browning and her fellow picnickers watch sleek J-24s hurtle towards the finish line, masts straining, spinnakers billowing. But the dramatic battle between Charleston’s two rival yacht clubs turns tragic. The ancient Civil War pistol used for the traditional finishing line gunshot suddenly explodes, killing the patriarch from one of Charleston’s oldest families. As her neighbors go into mourning, Theodosia begins to unravel a family secret that stretches back over a hundred years, making her wonder: Was this truly an accident–or murder?
My thoughts:
This is the second book in the tea mystery by Laura Childs. The story was engaging and many tea tips and trivia were included in the story line. I enjoyed myself reading it. No, the book will not change your life or be a masterpiece studied in years to come, but reading this book is like a light-hearted conversation with a friend. Imagine having tea with an old schoolmate. One might not dive into each other’s deep dark secrets, but the conversation is fun and entertaining. And everyone leaves in a good mood and feeling refreshed from an enjoyable afternoon. That is this book. An light-hearted read with tea! The characters and settings are cozy, and I will be trying Gunpowder green tea soon! I really want to go to a place like Indigo Tea Shop and have a tea tasting with Drayton (character in the book), as well as visit Charleston, SC. There is a tea plantation located there, run by the Bigelow tea company. How delightful!! Personally, I did not know the ending, but I was not concentrating on it too hard. I throughly enjoyed this book, and suggest it to anyone looking for a tea-filled light mystery.

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