Blueberry Wild Child

The sheer amazement and excitement of winning something was unbelievable.  I won a free bag of tea.  Since I found out on my break at work, the majority of my co-workers heard about it. Of course, the conversation would start out with what I won, but then I would start gushing about the beauty of tea and lovely taste and tradition of tea.  Possibly I am  known as the crazy tea lady.  Oh well, I could be known as worse.  🙂
After I found out I won, I researched the tea company holding the contest.  Tiesta Tea is a University of Illinois based company whose motto is Reinventing the World of Tea with Style and Taste.  Their website is an amazing array of colors and information about their teas.  Instead of the usual categories of tea, theirs is divided into the benefits of the teas they offer: Energizer, Slenderizer, Forever Young, Immunity, and Relaxer.  The tea I won is Blueberry Wild Child in the Forever Young category.  It is an herbal tea filled with hibiscus and blueberries that provide antioxidants to keep me feeling young.  When I opened my package, my eyes were surprised with the beauty of the tea and the large about they sent me!  Really the tea is gorgeous, and the air-tight bag they sent it in has a clear back to see the beauty anytime you think of brewing yourself a cup.

And when you brew yourself a cup, the flavor fills your mouth.  I wish I could brew you all a cup because it reminds me so much of the Oregon coast, eating blueberries right off the bush.  The fresh taste is amazing, and it fills your mouth.  When I brewed my first cup, I added a teaspoon of an afternoon black tea (for caffeine).  The flavor was crisp and tangy sweet!!   Anytime I am feeling lonely for the summers spent on the vast and rocky Oregon coast, this tea will take me there via teapot.


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