A Birthday Dozen

During this week was my birthday and I worked, my birthday is going to be celebrated all week long. 😉 This being said, birthdays are important. They remind us that we have living one more year on this earth, we have spent more time with people and are alive. In order to celebrate this fact I wanted to be thankful for everything that I have and experienced. So though this is not specifically about tea, imagine it being a conversation over tea (I am going to drink some Sleepytime Vanilla during it).

  1. i am thankful for breathe. Without it I would not live (duh) but I would not smell or taste or relax. I am very thankful for God’s gift of breathe.
  2. i am thankful for my friends, those who remind me of my heart, passion, and intellect, who bakes me birthday cakes, who talks to me about anything, who encourage me to be a better version of myself, who can make me giggle hysterically just by looking at me.
  3. i am thankful for letters. Writing them in a sense has become a dyeing art. Receiving them is a gift of that person’s time and heart.
  4. i am thankful for tea.
  5. i am thankful for Jane Austen. Even though she is dead, she reminds me how a lady is to behave. As Marianne puts it, “I compare it (her conduct) with what it ought to have been; I compare it with yours (Elinor).” (Sense and Sensibility)
  6. i am thankful for sunsets. I miss seeing them on my drive to work, but soon I will see them again.
  7. i am thankful for modern technology. Without it I would never have learned to take pictures well or found cookbooks for sale, or received books in a minute. And I would not have a job either without it.
  8. i am thankful for fresh fruit. Watch the TV show Life. You will understand. Oh how much I take advantage of my capability to obtain fresh fruit.
  9. i am thankful for my dog, Jack. He is an awesome dog and a great walking companion. No matter now fast I walk, he always walks at a quicker pace.
  10. i am thankful for pretty things. Pink ribbon, china, tea cups, lace, and flower.
  11. i am thankful for my hubby. my biggest critic and my biggest fan. Without him I would not be me.
  12. i am thankful for my pink stand up mixer. It makes me happy and invites me to bake.
  13. i am thankful for God. He is forever faithful though i am unworthy.

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