Pu-reh Tea

A friend sent me a big bag of Pu-reh tea (Caramel).  She said it tasted like a tea I bought in London, at Whitards, Sticky Toffee Pudding tea, which I had forgotten all about.  Both teas have small tidbits of caramel within the black tea leaves.  In my recent exploration of different varieties of tea, I tried the Skinny Chai Pu-reh Black tea from Teavana.  I like both Pu-reh teas I have tried and look forward to trying more.

Pureh, or Pu-reh, tea is a black tea that has been post fermented.  It usually is from the region Yunnan of China and gets its name from Pure from the county in which it was traded.  “Post fermented” takes the black tea after it is fully fermented, rolled and dried, and ferments it even more.  There are several different varieties of Pureh, but the only ones I have seen sold is the “dark/ripe” variety.  It is often used in blends and is highly known as a “weight loss” tea due to its abilities to increase metabolism and decrease cholesterol.  The flavor is also wonderful as well, enveloping the other flavors with a earthy taste.

To fix the pureh, add 1 teaspoon of the tea for 1 cup of water, at 195 degrees (1 minute waiting after the water has boiled) and steep for 3-4 minutes.  The drink has about 20 % the amount of caffeine of a cup of coffee.

The Caramel Pu-reh tea is a reddish color and is lovely with a bit of sugar and cream.  The caramel is tasted throughout the drink, and as you are preparing the tea, the aroma of caramel hits your nose.  A truly lovely cup of tea.  I can see myself serving it as after-dinner drink in place of the coffee and with a buttery shortbread cookie.


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