Giada’s Blend, a Review

This post is veering off a little to the coffee side of hot beverages. I bought some coffee at the grocery store and thought it was something to blog about.

On a side note, I am sipping from my new tea set I got for my birthday. My tea set is in the Royal Albert Old Country Rose, and I got it for a really good deal. ( is not just for books!) The christening pot of tea consists of Bingley’s Signature Blend with Blueberry Wild Child. Both are excellent teas on their own; together they create a blend that reminds me of summer. This week the weather has turned chilly, which I knew it would, and to cheer myself up and keep myself warm I am sipping on this summer cup and thinking of the French Onion Soup I will have for dinner. I love the Old Country Rose, it reminds me of London and tea. For a while now, this china has been my “tea china”. And now it is complete with the addition of teacups from my parents and the teapot from the hubby! Teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, 8 tea cups and saucers, and a small serving platter! All that remains are plates to hold goodies and company to sip cups of tea with me! 😉 I wish I could have all of you over for tea; we could taste different kinds of teas and talk about life!  Until then, lets just sip tea together while sharing this post!

So coffee! I actually have known coffee my entire life. I remember loving the smell of it growing up, but not really like the taste. I still cannot drink it black, like I can tea. I do, however, rely on coffee to give me the energy to get through a workweek and to give me a kick. Sometimes I crave a good cup of coffee. And a good cup of coffee, in my opinion, is few and far between. I am rather picky about my coffee. My absolute favorite is Café Verona by Starbucks, and Starbucks is the majority of what I drink. Little else satisfies me. Upon my trip to Target, I spied that Giada, a favorite chef of mine, had her own blend for sale. So I thought I would try it. First I have to say that Giada has style. Her line of cookware has beautiful lines, and the things I have bought work well. Her coffeepot is so elegant! And her coffee is pretty good. I would prefer to buy the whole beans, but it was only available in ground. I added a small amount of cinnamon to the grounds before brewing, which I do with all of my coffee, and I drank it with Belgium Chocolate Toffee creamer by Coffeemate. Though tt does not compare to my Starbucks, the Giada Blend is a good medium roast coffee. I will drink the whole bag of coffee, which is a rare occurrence with most “different” coffees I buy. It is pretty smooth and has a good aftertaste. She also has an Espresso Blend and Italian blend that I would like to try; the Italian blend is a bit darker roast which would probably be more up my alley. I would recommend this coffee to anyone who likes the chef and coffee.


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One Response to Giada’s Blend, a Review

  1. Carrie Myhre says:

    Hi Sarahbeth! It’s Grandma and Carrie! We love your website and are quite inspired. Grandma is teaching me how to cook this week, so of course your website popped into mind when we were talking about your visit together and your love for cooking! Seriously, you should write a book. This is fantastic.

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