This is the new “it” item of this year.  Several blogs and magazines I have read have huge articles on the uses of honey with many many recipes using it as the feature ingredient.  The beauty of honey is its all natural sweetness.  Many people are going to all natural ingredients; this is the sweetener they run to when sugar is too high calorie. Note: do not serve this to infants under a year old.  It is toxic to them.  Neways.  The bees do make a beautiful product.  Whenever I look at it, the rich, golden color can take my breath away.  The aroma is beautiful and oh so comforting.  Have you ever had a bee’s wax candle?  It smells delicious like a simple reminder of home.  Among its beautiful uses, it is fabulous in tea, especially chamomile or sleepy time tea.  I also like to use it when my normal Splenda are too much.  The piping hot liquid is perfect for dissolving the thick honey into the tea.  Right now I am drinking My Morning Mache and Tiramisu Treviso with a tiny bit of honey.   The amount of sweetness is perfect!  Honey takes the attributes of tea and enhances them.   It also takes on the attributes of the flowers the bees have pollinated.  When I went to the store today, I found an Orange Blossom honey with the honeycomb right in it.

Here I have served it with some Rosemary and Parmesan crackers and dried apricots.  Honeycomb is also delicious on a cheese plate with some nuts.  For afternoon tea service, there are honey bowls that have stirrers attached to the lids.  Although these are adorable, my favorite is the honey bear.  It might be due to my obsession with Pooh when I was younger, but the honey bear just seems appropriate.  Thankfully my local farmer’s market sells local honey, which is good to eat almost every day to decrease one’s allergies.  So whether you drizzle it over your morning cereal or eat it in your vanilla ice cream, take a moment to appreciate nature’s beautiful product!

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