Farmers’ Market

Imagine a beautiful Saturday morning, walking around various tables with jeweled jam jars, rich candles, and homemade soaps. This Saturday I discovered my local farmer’s market. I knew the value of buying local ingredients and supporting my community; however, I did not know that every Saturday the farmer’s market hosted more than just vegetables and fruits. And I did not understand how I, someone not living in a very large city, could buy local ingredients. But I found the market; well I found someone who did. Fresh milk, eggs, and yogurt, fresh cheeses and baked bread, pencil thin asparagus, homemade soaps and jellies galore! I bought milk and yogurt fresh from a local dairy, and strawberries from those that picked them. You know that picture from Florida Orange juice of the farmer handing the housewife the orange juice; I pictured it in my head during the entire trip. I was also able to buy freshly caught shrimp, caught the night before!! How awesome is that?! However, silly little me realized quickly that the shrimp were whole, with the heads. I knew the technique, but never experienced it myself. So I armed myself with gloves (I can touch anything with gloves, said the nurse in me), gave myself a pep talk, and imagined myself in Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. (The book has the women eating much seafood due to the seafood always trying to eat them. Shrimp was a regular meal after they prepared them as I was now.) Then I popped off the little heads, peeled the meat, and devined every last one of them. Yes, I can do anything with gloves on!! And oh the meal it produced!!!

If I ever have a food business, these farmers will be the ones I get my ingredients from. They work hard, and are very proud of their work. Plus they are apart of our community. I greatly enjoyed going! And will be visiting again soon!! To find your local farmer’s market type in your city name and “farmers’ market” in google or search here:

P.S. I heard a wives’s tale that seems true. If you eat a tablespoon of local honey everyday, your allergies will be decreased!

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