My newest addition to the cooking collection is one I am excited to share with you.  A few weeks ago I discussed the awesomeness and quality of a farmer’s market.  At this farmer’s market I discovered something, I thought I already knew.  The dairy man had yogurt for sale.  Being that I like yogurt, particularly for breakfast with various topping, I decided to try some.  Oh that first bite!  It was tangy and creamy.  Almost like a lemon meringue pie, but without the lemon and sugar.  I loved it.  After that, I knew I could not eat the yogurt from the grocery store.  For a while I had been staying away from the heavily flavored kinds simply because they were not good to me any more.  After tasting the real thing, my taste buds will not allow me to enjoy it any longer.
Then when I visited my brother-in-law in Chicago, he introduced us to a little jewel of a restaurant for breakfast!  As we walked into their doors from the blustery weather, I spied a sign that said “Homemade Greek Yogurt”.  I love Greek yogurt especially with honey.  So I ordered some when we sat down.  Then a small woman brought these beautiful parfaits to the table, and said, “I had such pleasure in making these for you.”  It truly was like having your grandmother bring them to the table, full of her love and devotion.  The parfaits were phenomenal! The layering was perfect!  Perfect amount of crunchy granola, fresh berries (not frozen), and blankets of greek yogurt.  I know this is a cliché but the yogurt was so silky and smooth.  The texture that only comes from the real and the highest quality.  When she walked by again, I asked her for the recipe (after all I want to recreate it, being 12 hours away).  She just smiled and shook her head, but then gave us all stories from her experience with yogurt.  How, when in Greece, she and her family would have huge bowls of Greek yogurt on the table with every meal.  And how all natural ingredients and “real” food makes a difference in health.  I really wanted to give her a huge hug.  I bought some of her yogurt (about ½ quart) to take home.  Then the remainder of the trip I researched how to make yogurt.
What I found was super easy!!!  After two batches, I can say I have discovered the yogurt making process! Surprisingly the easiest way is in crock pot.  There is about 10 minutes of “prep work” and then the crock pot does the work for about a day and a half!   And with fresh reduced fat milk from the diary, the taste is so fabulous!!!
Here are my references for my “recipe”!
Mauthe’s Progress Dairy (my milk resource)
Girl’s Guide to Guns and Butter (she has wonderful pictures!)

Yogurt Run Down: Heat the milk to 180 degrees.  Then allow it to cool to 110 degrees.  Add about 2-3 tablespoons (for 1/2 gallon of milk) of yogurt to the milk.  Then incubated for about 10-12 hours (keep it at 110 degrees).  I did it overnight.  Then place in the refrigerator.  For Greek yogurt, allow to cool for 4-10 hours.  Then drain in a strainer layered with a cheese-cloth (over a bowl) and allow to strain for 10-12 hours again overnight.  Whip the thickened yogurt until smooth.
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