A Word about Chicken

 Drinking: Tranquil Dreams by Teavanna (will review later)

I have been meaning to officially announce my cross-country move here with the statement that I will be taking a break from blogging; however, I keep finding things I want to share.  It might not be as “regular” as before, but still I can’t stop.  Maybe this is due to the fact that blogging is my release, my stress relief.  It does not matter that the movers emptied my kitchen, I still kept some things behind.  They were my necessities.  😉  No matter what, the cook in me just has to come out.  I visited my college roommate this week, and she was reminiscing about my “cooking” in the dorm.  Consisting of frozen pies and using the dorm kitchen.  (An awesome idea for a cookbook is college cooking.)  Nevertheless, I have to cook.  If not just chop something up and eat it.  The desire is in my blood.  So with my few necessities, I cooked this awesome comfort food A friend kept telling me that it was fantastic.  I believed her but never got around to cooking it for myself until a few weeks ago.  When I finally cooked it, the meal warmed me down to my soul.  Please try it!  You will not regret it!

But a word first before you cook it.  And keep an open mind. 

Please use antibiotic free, vegetarian diet, maybe organic chicken.  I know it is more expensive.  I understand that budgets must be kept, but please please try to it once.  Try the chicken for a special meal or a time when comfort is the ultimate goal.  The chicken taste is so wonderful!  If we all used this kind of chicken, the same boring chicken comment might not happen as often.  My dog even went crazy for this chicken.  I guess happy chickens make better tasting chickens.  I know what you are thinking, dang SB you are becoming crazy about organic local stuff.  I know. I am.  But I promise the majority of the time my pocket book comes first when I make the decisions to change brands or types of food.  (I know that’s terrible, but its true.)  Just try it.  I still have not bought my chicken from people at the farmers’ market, but I have tried the chicken at Fresh Market.  Totally different taste. 

P.S. So the recipe mentioned above is perfect for your Harry Potter marathons for those who will be watching the last movie this summer!  Totally British!!  That plus treacle tart and tea, and you are set!

 P.S.S. I am moving this summer.  We will be residents of the great state of California.  I am very excited, but I will miss everyone here in Mississippi.  An awesome food place!  I have loved exploring and getting to know everyone!

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3 Responses to A Word about Chicken

  1. Alisha says:

    Just bought myself a whole chicken cut into pieces at fresh market!! Thought you would like that :). Going to make arroz con pollo!

  2. Alisha says:

    Oh, and the new Bon Appetit too!

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