A Break

Dear Readers,

Lately my life has been in major transition. We just moved to California from the South, and I started a job with a three hour commute each week. Therefore, I have not quite been feeling like myself. My cooking has greatly decreased due time and ingredients split between two cities and lack of inspiration. Usually when I arrive home, I just want to spend time with my family. Sometimes this does involve cooking, but usually something I have already posted. The hubby and I have made breakfast together, but he is usually the “head” chef with me as his assistent. He just made the most amazing steak with eggs yesterday, by the way. I am slowly beginning to cooking again, but with the stress of moving and commuting back and forth, I am going to take a break from the pressure of posting and taking pictures that I feel are worthy of the food and recipes. I have already sort of done this by not posting, but I do not want leave everyone hanging without an explanation. My “break” will allow me to read more about food and blogging, stockpile recipes to share with you, and rediscover my love for cooking. Even now, I can feel my old self returning with apple and thyme vegetables roasting in the oven, but it is taking its time. I hope you enjoy your fall with all the lovely baking and fall scenes and scents. I will not be away for long.

Bon Appetite,



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One Response to A Break

  1. SB,
    I have created a new blog:
    I enjoy reading yours and keeping up with your life!

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