Hello, Again.

July 1, 2015

Dear Friends,

There are times in your life where all the tasks at hand are stalled.  Nothing can move forward.  My friends, this is one of those times for me. I have a list of probably three or four things that NEED to be done this week, but every place I look, every call I make, everywhere I turn, I get a blank screen, a beep, or a wall.  Such is life.  And therefore, instead of being frustrated I decided to write you. I thought of writing this blog again.  Not necessarily to write mostly about food, but just about my life, adventure, and tea I am experiencing (speaking of which hold on….    I had to make some tea.  It is steeping now… So we have a minute before I must pour it. 🙂 Today I am drinking Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long from Teavana.  Ok it’s done…  

And it is almost the traditional tea time! 🙂 Funny how that worked out.  So this tea.  It is a very summery drink.  Reminds me of a tea I made in England that had lemongrass in it.  Very refreshing and PINK!  The citrus pairs very well with the strawberry.  The tea has a bit more citrus than strawberry (to me), but both are balanced well.  I do not normally drink fruity teas, but this one puts me in the mood for summer, which is good because we just entered JULY!  People, we are halfway done with the year 2015.

Some news.  We moved.  We are no longer in California.  Our time there was very fun and filled with really good food and good wine, but it is over.  We now move forward with a new adventure in Oklahoma.  The transition was really quick, so my emotions, body, and brain are finally catching up.  I suppose I should have a point to this entry besides saying hello.  🙂  Let’s see… How about goals for Summer and the new location?:

  1. Join the local library (local to our new house).
  2. Keep in touch (with you guys and old friends).
  3. Finish my sweater (yes I toke up knitting which I was gone, very fun.  First big project.)
  4. Finish one row of my Books-on-the-Nightstand Book Bingo. (Cool book podcast, fun summer reading bingo, more on it later.)
  5. Go to at least one OKC museum about the area’s history.

What are your plans for this summer?  It is one third of the way through!!  Make this summer memorable! 😉

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