First Favorite Five

Hello dear ones. Today I am writing you from a new place: t, Urban Teahouse, in Oklahoma City. I heard from a friend of my moms that Oklahoma City has several tea rooms, so after much procrastinating in my hotel room, I decided to go have a pot of tea and get some letters and a blog post written. 🙂 When I was in school, I used to go somewhere else to study. Sadly I have a lack motivation and focus in my home environment. But happily it allows me to experience awesome places to drink tea/coffee and hang out. 😉 For tea time I am drinking Earl Grey Creme. One of my all time favorite teas is earl grey. A perfect tea to have on its own or with a “biscuit”.  
After watching multiple videos and reading blog posts, I was inspired by the “favorite five” posts. Here is an attempt on my part to tell what my Favorites are for this week (maybe month, I don’t know how often these will be a post).

1) My Teapot. This is actually more of a missed favorite in my life. It is packed, and I feel incomplete when I make tea in the hotel room! I have a beehouse teapot with a removable tea basket and lid. It keeps things very warm, and it makes enough tea for about 1-2 mugs of steaming tea.

2) Erin Condren Life Planner. So if you have talked to me in the past couple of years, I might have mentioned this planner. It is awesome! And I love being able to write appointments and tasks to do in one place. The company comes out with a new version of the planner every June, and this year they have the option for a horizontal planner! And if I am being honest, I have obsessed about it for several weeks. Do I take the plunge to try a different format?

3) this Tea quiz. 🙂 A friend sent this to me. I am a white without (but actually I’m a white with. ;> ) Watch the video first and then take the tea quizz and you will know what I am talking about. So much fun!!

4) Women in the Word. It is the summer devotional by She Reads Truth, my favorite devotional website. It is touching and encouraging. The main focus is God and being in His word every day, which is how it should be.

5) My Lamy Safari pen. I love writing with fountain pens (more on that later), and this one was my first type of fountain pen I used and bought. It is one of the best and is filled with my favorite ink De Atramentis Jane Austen. 🙂
What are you enjoying in your life these days?

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