First Tea in the new house

We moved. Did I tell you? Yeah, we moved to Oklahoma City, and we bought a house. This week I am busy unpacking all of our belongings and find a place for them. Today I found my tea cups. 🙂 Unpacking is a lot like Christmas and decluttering all rolled into one. On one hand, you find things you thought were lost and discover a new love for them. On the other hand, you find you have way too much stuff to put into the new place and your “stuff” exponentially increases with each passing day. 🙂 

Today I drank Snowflake tea from the Tea Embassy in my teapot and tea cup and watched Miss Fisher to keep me company. 🙂 the weather is rather rainy which adds to the romance of my first pot of tea in the new house. 

Snowflake tea is a black tea with coconut and almonds. I first drank it in Austin, TX at the Tea Embassy there. My friend Jessica loves this tea, as do I. It is almost as sweet as the cake teas but not quite. If you are looking for a tea similar to Earl Grey but not citrusy, this is a good substitute. A perfect afternoon tea. 

Please excuse the lack of links to the Tea Embassy. I also do not have any internet and therefore cannot add any hyperlinks with my phone. 

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