Tea and a book

Today I write from another tea room!  Who knew that Oklahoma City had multiple places people could go have tea and hang out?!  I, for one, am loving it and think every city should have places like these for tea lovers.  🙂

Today’s tea room is All About Cha.  It seems to be Korean based (very cool) and includes lots of variety!  I might even get the hubby to come join me here to hang out especially with tiramisu on the menu! I ordered a London Fog thinking it would be similar to one from Cups in Jackson, MS.  Sadly, it does not have the frothy consistency of the Cup’s London Fog(if you can try one of theirs, it is the best I have had), but it tastes like the London Fog. Also the person behind the counter suggested I interchange the traditional Earl Grey for their Sticky Toffee. 🙂 I did not expect this, but the color is white (hehe) and I was able to order a whole pot for myself.  One can sip on a whole pot of the tea and have cookies to accompany it.  I highly recommend coming to All About Cha. 😉 I want to come here again (I am already planning on what I will order next)! And bring the hubby.

Today is the Yarn Along day; however, I have not made any progress on anything since we moved! And I just started listening to a book on tape while unpacking. (Ashamedly I only started doing that today, but it is a great way to pass the time while unpacking all of our precious things.)  I did start Soulless again (the first book of the Parasol Protectorate) because I wanted something I did not have to pay too much attention to details.  It is a very good audiobook.

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