Stuff n’ Things 

I have not written here in a while, mostly because I cannot seem to sit down to write long posts or what exactly I want to say. But, I hate that this place gets a bit neglected. So here are one quick updates…

~ We are currently grilling kebobs. 🙂 One of my hubby’s favorite pastimes is grilling and smoking. 🙂 I adore the result and therefore encourage it regularly. (I sound a bit like Charlotte Lucas/Collins.)  

~ Favorite thing this week: the full Napa Valley Collection from Bath and Body Works. The scents remind me of my time in Napa and Sonoma Valley. It is my favorite place on Earth (so far, Italy might trump it when I visit).  More particularly the scents remind me of the harvest time and the wine cellars. 💗💗

~ I finished the first sock and started the second!! The heel as difficult, but afterwards, I felt very accomplished! 


~ I started my new job. I feel like a college student again, studying and such. 

~ ok… So I just went down our tornado shelter. 😳 scary!

~ what I am drinking: Zinfendel by Frog’s Leap. Not tea, but still yummy. 😉   

I hope you guys have a good week! 

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