Hungry Knitter

😉 I have a bit of time before going to work, so I am joining the yarn along.

I finished the book The Martian two days ago and have been dabbling in a few other books.  Yesterday I sat down to read The Hungry Girl Diet.  Because I am subscribed to her emails, I was really curious about what the book says and how it goes about “dieting”. I’m about halfway through, and honestly, she has some good ideas. If I didn’t already have tons of food in the fridge and the next several weeks meals planned out, I would probably loosely follow her plan. I picked up a few tips and am going to try to eat more broccoli. (There is more than that, but I’m starting small.) Also her portion sizes are huge! So that would be a plus to follow her recipes.

With my knitting, I finished the first sock and began the second sock. Last week, I visited a knitting store and aquired some circular needles to try the magic loop with the sock. It’s… Well the needle cord is LONG! So I’m learning as I go along. 🙂 Love the Yarn and the pattern. Got to go to work.

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