Multiple Cast Ons

Ok.  So let’s be honest.  This blog link-up with quite a good thing for me.  I have all these blog post ideas in my head but cannot seem to put them in written form.  However, at least twice a month, I can write something to post on the blog link-up.  Note to self, research how to put my ideas down on paper… rather computer screen.  NEWHO

So joining, Yarn Along.  I have several projects in play right now.  I finished the socks for my sister; however, I realized after I edged, weaved in the ends, and fixed a few holes, that I DID THE HEEL COMPLETELY WRONG ON ONE OF THE SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!  Sigh… so. What to do?  The mistake simply happened because I was not reading my pattern with attention to detail.  Reason, 100-something, to always have socks on needles.  To keep myself from forgetting important things like S1P1 and S1K1 means just that; not Sl1 then knit to the end.  😐 So the socks are still in my bag, and I am contemplating frogging the one sock to the heel and doing things the right way.  (I think if I do that, I will never make this mistake again.)  But after spending several days elated about being done only to realize I have at least a week of heavy knitting ahead of me, I am putting it to rest for a bit. (My sister is out of town anyways, so no worries.)

Some good news: I blocked my sweater!  I finally did it.  I guess this is a common occurrence in the knitting community, but I procrastinated so long to block the sweater. Yesterday, I just did it.  And I think I need to get some blocking mats.  And a big tub.  To properly block things.  But one thing at a time.  I will get the mats first.  Then I will have T pins, the wool soap, and blocking mats.  Look at me, I am becoming a grown up knitter.  😉 Newho, I hope today to have some time to finish the sweater completely to include it in my Fall wardrobe.

Third thing… I cast on my nephew’s birth gift.  (He is due in November.)  Emotions are high with this gift, but I am truly excited to see him especially in his little cardigan.  After much research on baby knitwear, I decided to cast this pattern on.  And add matching hat and booties.  The yarn I choose is a generic baby yarn, but if the pattern goes easily, I think some special yarn will be cast on in the same pattern.  Perhaps with a snowflake on it?  Either way, I want the gift to be something practical and easy care for the new parents.  (And something they will not be devastated if it becomes soiled with all the cute baby outputs. ;>)  The picture only shows the cast on, but I did work on the swatch earlier.  Tell me experienced knitters, do you block your swatch first before you cast on?

Ok the book.  I actually finished this book yesterday and started on its sequel.  It is a light romance and made me laugh. Life has gotten really busy and complicated, so light fluff is perfect.  I plan on rereading an Austen soon.  😉  Northanger Abbey perhaps, since Halloween is upon us?  I also want to start a new audiobook soon.  Suggestions?

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One Response to Multiple Cast Ons

  1. Lucy Bowen says:

    I love the colour of your sweater. I have to confess to not swatching, unless I am doing a test knit, in which case I block it before casting on.

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