Preparing for Fall

Recently, the pumpkin spice latte reemerged at Starbucks and other coffee shops across the nation.  As I have mentioned before, Fall is my favorite season.  Right now, we are in that odd space of the month that Summer is over, but Fall has not quite arrived.  I did order my first PSL of the season, but my body slightly rebelled at the hot drink competing with the hot weather outside.  Of course in California, harvest is beginning, so wine and apples are more in sync with my desires.  ๐Ÿ™‚ But soon… very soon, my taste buds and mind will only want pumpkin EVERYTHING.  Haha.  Thankfully, all three and so much more are included under the heading of Fall.  ๐Ÿ™‚  In the next couple of weeks (hopefully before the first official day of Autumn), I will decorate my house with pumpkins, leaves, and spicy scents.  So here are some things to help you to prepare for the wonderfulness that is the Fall season:

  1. Bath and Body Works Vineyard Favorites:  personally, I adore this collection.  The scents remind me of the tasting rooms in Napa and the beautiful countryside.  Now that BBW has come out with their pumpkin stuff (which I am stocking up on, just not ready to use), this collection might be on sale.  ๐Ÿ™‚  
  2. Apples.  I am craving them.  In my oatmeal, roasted with Pork, and with some cheese.  Really I’m not a huge apple fan (except with brown sugar and butter), but I have eaten them the last few days. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Frog’s Leap Zinfendel.  Frog’s Leap is my favorite winery. It is in Napa Valley, and I’m super sad not to be able to visit a couple of times a year. However they also have amazing wine!! My favorite is their Zin.  The rich color and taste (without too many tannins) is perfect for the almost fall weather that makes grilling wonderful! Try it out! I think Whole Foods carries it for those of you in states that carry wine in stores (lucky), and if your local wine store does not carry it, ask them to. My wine store carries it now cause I asked. And now I’m their favorite customer! (ha, not yet but on my way.) 

    In the vineyard during the off season.

  4. While drink the fabulous wine, watch You’ve Got Mail. It is a brilliant movie, and for some reason I always want to watch it in Fall. Maybe it has to do with “a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils”. ;>. The movie does span to the spring, but to me it is always a Fall movie. 
  5. Ok for the tea… I am getting ahead of myself a bit, but the Pumpkin Brรปlรฉe Oolong from Teavana is really good. And the flavor of pumpkin is not blatant. Instead it is spicy and rich and good for the cooler mornings that are rolling in. I have so much of it (because I love it), that the tea is a regular throughout winter.  

P.S. College football games are pretty cool too! 

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