Travel Essentials

I love to travel. However I recently learned that different travel types require different things. (Not really “require” rather things to make one more comfortable.). Living about 24 hrs away from family, road trips were not normal to us. Now, road trips are more the norm than air travel. This weekend we embarked on a road trip. I was so proud of myself because I only brought 1  small bag, my toiletry bag, and a “carry on”.  I did not over pack and have enough clothes to last me about a week and a half (even though I thought it was for  3 days the trip turn into a much longer experience). However, I forgot about 4-6 items that are sorely missed. (No not a phone charger, but that would have been devastating.) So this list is for myself and for you guys who might be in the same boat as myself.

Road Trip

  1. Water and protein bars. In a cooler.  I learned this one from my mother-in-law.  She always has a cooler with her when they visit and now I know why.  Hotels make you pay for water, and a big case of it just makes sense.  Protein bars are more for my stomach.  Half the time I find myself “hangry” on road trips due to lack of healthy food or the ability to stop when able.  I am just now exploring the protein bar scene, so suggestions would be good.
  2. My toiletry case. I recently got it for our long trip across country, and it was everything I wanted. The style reminds me of the old train cases from the 1950s, but it was new and rather affordable. Even though the outside is hard, one can manipulate the zippers to hold a few taller items. Also I love that my bottles are standing while they are traveling (if one is on a road trip), so less likely to spill.
  3. Toilet paper. This one can either come from home or from the local drug store. But let’s be honest. Hotel toilet paper is not gentle, and one wants gentle when using the bathroom. (And a candle, cause some places stink. Candles make it feel like home.)
  4. Slippers and a robe. These make staying away from home more comfortable. I really should wear slippers at home but normally I go barefoot. Also socks are not really the same; they take longer to go to the bathroom. And a robe, I use one at home but for some reason I always forget it on trips. So remember robe… You will regret not having it.
  5. This tumbler is nice. It holds the water at the temp and comes with a tea strainer.  I also forget this all the time, but it would be good to have because one can always find hot water. One cannot always find good coffee or tea. 😉

P.S.  This post came out a bit too early.  I thought I had saved the changes, but nope.  Sorry for the multiple updates.

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