(Joining Yarn Along. Well I meant to…)

Ok seasoned knitters… I have questions.

First… Is hand washing a regular part of your routine since you have lots of completed projects?  If so, what is your process?

Second… Do you have a specific budget for yarn?  I have bought quite a bit of yarn from the big hobby stores and am looking into buying some of the yarn out there, but dang, that stuff is expensive.  I am wondering in part due to my past project mishaps. (More on that later.)

Third… When you are joining a KAL or something of that nature, do look for local ones or just at random?  If not random, then what is your process of picking?

Fourth… Is there a standard book about knitting?  Like with cooking, there are a few standards, Joy of Cooking, Mastering the Art, etc… Is there something like that with knitting?  Sometimes I like to change things up a bit (particularly with socks) but cannot figure out the formula for it.

Ok enough questions.  On to Knitting and Reading.  I finished several books this past week and am in the middle of starting a new one.  I am going to read the 3rd JD Robb book (Immortal in Death).  Thankfully my sister had the majority of the In Death books, so I am just reading them as I go.  The past couple of books have been rather light and fluffy.  These mysteries are a bit more than emotional romances.  I also am thinking of only reading horror/ mysteries in the month of October. October 1st I am starting Northanger Abbey.  ðŸ™‚


Knitting wise… I am still working on my nephew’s cardigan.  After finishing the chest, I counted stitches and had quite a bit more than I was supposed to… :/ So I ripped out half of it and started it again.  The pattern is very easy, but the yarn is a bit difficult.  Not to worry, I will probably try it again with a better yarn.

I did complete my sweater… It doesn’t fit.

😦 Large sigh with a few tears.  (lol not really).  It is way too big! So what to do… what to do… During my knitting, I listened to podcasts about knitting (hence the title) and discovered the Custom Fit website and books.  I also realized excitedly that the founder (?) has a class on Craftsy, Fit to Flatter.  Has anyone taken this class?  I want to flip through the books and see if I need the class as well.  The first book is my gift to myself for completing a huge project and not falling to pieces because the project is a bomb (plus hopefully it will prevent any future disasters).

Oh and what are these bags everyone seems to have to hold the various projects?  Do you have one for each project?  Where do you get them?

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