#thankful2015 Day 17 & 18

Yesterday I had what I was thankful for on my mind… I just didn’t write it down. 

So I am thankful for modern medicine. As I mentioned before, I am under the weather, and though it seems like my body is taking its sweet time healing, I do appreciate the fact that I can walk into Walgreens and purchase at least three different brands/ types of cough medicine. I can also go to the doctor’s office and obtain a prescription then go to the pharmacy and have it filled all within a couple of hours. Y’all less than 100 years ago about 20 million people died of the flu!  The Flu. We have come a long ways from that, and I know the health industry is riddled with greed and politics, but still. They (otherwise healthy young adults) died of the flu. Watch Downton Abbey. It talks about this. 

Today, I am still thankful for modern medicine and my hot tea. I know, again. But truly it is all I want to drink (more than wine!! Shocker I know).  Today I am drinking Snowflake tea and Hot Cinnamon Spice from the Tea Embassy.  


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2 Responses to #thankful2015 Day 17 & 18

  1. Hot tea is always good. I agree about modern meds….I get my flu shot every year. Still got it last year anyway, but a much milder case. Praying you feel better soon!

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