Yarn Along 12

Happy New Year!! And Merry Christmas! I went a little bit a-wall for a couple of weeks.  This year, Christmas overwhelmed me.  I enjoyed the season, but on most accounts, I failed at sending things on time and doing “normal” holiday things.  Oh well.  There is always next year, and I hope that the people I love know that I love them and my Christmas actions do not hinder their thoughts towards me.

So the new year! Hello 2016!  Already, I have made a few resolutions and done a few new things.  One was I went to a knitting group!!  Yes I went and joined in the conversation.  It was fun.  And I want to go again.  Also I joined a Diet Bet with work. (yikes!) So that is… new.  NEWHO

Today I went to the knitting store and bought a sweater’s worth of yarn (at least I hope it is a sweaters worth, I have no idea what that means, but I hope it will be enough) and some interchangeable needles.  I have been looking at them for several weeks.  So yay!

Also I finished the Christmas gifts.  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I never thought I would.  So right now I have the hubby’s socks (which I started the second toe to help my mismatched-pair-syndrome), the Meg shawl, and a head wrap (kind of my own pattern thing) on the needles, and I hope to have the Shalom Cardigan being worked up soon with the new yarn I bought.

I also visited the library and got a few books.  But I did finish It Happened One Wedding today.  I sat an read for hours and it was wonderful! 😉

Joining Ginny. What are you reading and knitting?

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One Response to Yarn Along 12

  1. carolinehauf says:

    Nothing better than finishing the Christmas knitting and being rewarded with new yarn 😉

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