Happy National Hot Tea Month

You know the taste of fresh snow?  Well… It is so cold outside, I had that taste in my mouth.  No snow though.  I knew that Oklahoma would be colder than California, but the reality has been served on an ice platter.  🙂 So far we have had two ice storms, snow twice, and hail once (that I remember).  The weather is welcoming us to a new time in our lives.  I was one of the few who wore scarves in a crowd, now I find they are the norm on the full coat rack at work.  All this to say.  It is cold people!!  Really cold! So a lovely thing for cold weather is hot tea!

This month is the National Hot Tea Month.  This fact and the fact that I could not feel my legs while walking my dog, I decided to share my favorite teas of the moment. (Because let’s be honest, they will change every now and again.)

  1. All Time Favorite: Earl Grey, particularly from Twinnings
  2. Best herbal tea: Caramel Almond Amaretti (my current drink)
  3. Best Rooibos tea: Christmas Rooibos: which I just ran out of, need to buy more.  Also to me it tastes like a Christmas Carol, weird I know, but it does…
  4. Best Tea Combo: CocoCaramel Sea Salt with Gyokuro Genmiacha Green Tea.  Recipe: steep the 1.5 tsp of the herbal for 5 min.  Then add a couple of ice cubes and 1 tsp of the green tea and steep for another 2-3 minutes.  Add a bit of sweetener and a splash of half and half, and you have yourself a Tea White Russian.  So yummy!!!
  5. Best tea you can find at a regular grocery story: Vanilla Caramel by Bigelow.  Believe me it is good especially in the Fall.

What are your favorite teas?  These are just a few of the teas I own and love, but they are “empties” I continue to replenish.  Have a lovely day, and stay warm!

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One Response to Happy National Hot Tea Month

  1. pinkiebag says:

    I wish we had national tea month in the UK. I haven’t heard of all of the teas in your post. I use my blog as an excuse to seek and try new teas. I agree with you Twinings earl grey is one of my all time favourites. I also love their lady grey.

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