Yarn Along 13

Drinking: Slimful Chocolate Decadence Oolong Tea

Happy Wednesday everyone!  How is the new year treating you? Last time I joined Ginny, I wrote about all the books and yarn I got that day.  Well…  I did not finish one book, only started two, and I still have yet to wind the skeins for my sweater.  Oh well…  I did start two  of the four books I borrowed from the library.  One I just was not into, the writing was a bit simple, and the author wrote way too many details about the backstories of all the characters.  Granted, the book is in a series, but still… I just was not into reading so much detail.  😦 Maybe I will pick it up again later, just not now.  I also started the Dark Witch by Nora Roberts; it was a recommendation from a co-worker.  It was ok, but I was not in the mood for it either.  I did notice that the library had the audiobook, so I might enjoy that more.  If there are words that are not common (like names from before the 1900s and in a foreign language), I have difficulty following.  My eyes skip over the words I do not know, so I miss a bit of stuff.  It is a bad habit, and I will work on it, just not with this book.

Good news though… Deborah Harkness has coming out with a new book in 2017!! Yay!  She wrote All Souls trilogy, one of my all-time favorite novel series.  The announcement had me browsing her website, very cool place!  I am currently listening to her playlists for the first book.   I am also highly interested in her “additional” readings for each book.  Maybe later in the year, I will re-read the books, then pick on book from the corresponding list to read and further my knowledge of the topics covered.   Just a thought.

Today I play to start Cinder because it sounds interesting, and I can add it to Book Riots’ Read Harder Challenge…. Whoa… I just got lost in the rabbit hole that is the Book Riot’s website.  Ok… moving on.

I am planning to be apart of both the Read Harder challenge and the Modern Mrs Darcy’s book challenge (btw she had a new podcast which is interesting).  So… I need to get to reading.  Also, for those of you who are involved in reading challenges, do you count one book on multiple challenges, or does each book need to be assigned only one challenge?  Honestly, I will do what is easiest because I have yet to meet challenge goals from the past.

And onto knitting…  I have cast on a gift but have only knit two rows on one of the pair… However, I discovered the Fish Lips Kiss Heel for socks.  Holy COW!!  Wow!  That heel is amazing!  And I am knitting the socks in sync with each other, so things are looking good.  My  husband’s pair of socks is turn out to be a favorite project.  I love the heel and the practice of knitting the pair together.  Very nice.  I also am working on my Meg’s shawl primarily while I am sad about Col. Brandon’s recent passing.  😥   I also plan to start the sweater because it is cold! And I am really in the mood to knit myself something to wear.   🙂  What are you knitting and reading this week?

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