Yarn Along 14

I think I can tell spring is coming. I know I am a couple of days early from the groundhog, but I can tell the days are getting a bit longer. 😉 So I hope to enjoy a few more winter nights, drinking tea and knitting with the fire on before spring comes in full force.

This week, my reading has taken over. I started two books and went to the book store. At the bookstore, I purchased three new books after wandering around trying to find what I wanted to read. I might need to visit it more because I felt out of place because the “search” was with my own body not the search bar on the top of a webpage. Hmm. Has anyone else had this problem?

Anyways, I finished Cinder and started the next book Scarlett. I really enjoyed Cinder and recommend it even though as one reviewer on Goodreads said these books are more serial than a series. I’m glad I discovered them after the whole thing is finished because the author does leave you hanging a bit at the end, but I missed at least one night of sleep reading Cinder.

I started Delancey after finishing Bread and Wine (wonderful book).
My knitting is still going along. I started a promised hat for the hubby and a pair of gloves for a gift. The hubby’s socks are coming along nicely, and I hope to finish them by the end of the month. 🙂

Joining Ginny. What are you reading and knitting?

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