What I’m Into (January 2016 edition)

Hello all, I found another link up.  🙂   Do you ever read the “Links I love”, “What I’m reading”, etc on other blogs?  I have for several weeks, and I find them very interesting.  However, I am not as accomplished or well versed most weeks.  So I really like this “What I’m Into” for the month.  While exploring Leigh Kramer’s website, I also found a really good post on living in the now.  Lately…, well I have been doing it my entire life really, but more recently, I am always planning for the future, primarily the future that involves children (more on that later).  But what Ms Kramer says about living in the now, focusing on the present while having the future in mind, hit home.  So, instead of making tons of plans that are really out of my hands and discussing them here… Here is what is happening now.  And what I’m into…

Books I finished:

Cinder and Scarlet (series called Lunar Chronicles).  I really am enjoying these books.  I know it sounds cliche, but the retelling of the fairy tale stories is really interesting.

Bread and Wine.  Such a good book.  I looked back and I started the book in May of 2015.  It has been my nighttime reading book.  I loved the recipes in it, and the emotion and faith behind her writing wills tay with me for quite some time.  I bought another one of her books, Bittersweet.

Suddenly One Summer.  Good romance book.  I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed every minute of it.

Books I started…

Delancey.  I read Molly Wizenberg’s previous book, A Homemade Life, and really enjoyed it.  However, I think I will return this book to the library and borrow it at a later date,  I am not feeling it right now.

Food I have been cooking:

Happy Herbavour meal plans (Getmealplans.com)  THis is a vegan meal plan serves, and since January is a time for renewal, I used the plans to incorporate more vegetables into my diet, and lower the calorie count.

Grilled Cheese.  We have been eating a ton of grilled cheese.  My hubby’s favorite version: Two pieces of bread slathered with a butter, olive oil, and sea salt mixture (tub versos*).  Then two pieces of cheddar cheese, a piece of sliced mozzarella, and a piece of provolone.  Heat the skillet on medium.  Place the sandwich in the skillet.  Toast each side of the sandwich, then microwave it for about 10 seconds.  (This melts the cheese, because you know he has a TON of cheese on this sandwich).  Then devour.  🙂 Seriously a huge staple in our house.

Grilling Out. Lately I have used almost every opportunity to use my grill. I love it!! I have made burgers, chicken, steak, stir fry, and grilled veggies. So yummy. 

Hot drinks:

  • Earl grey (current cup of tea)
  • Caramel Almond Amaretti Herbal Tea
  • Coffee with Hazelnut Creamer
  • A Hazelnut Flat White from Starbucks (Do you see a theme?;> )


Jack enjoying our backyard


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day.  SEriously this stuff is amazing!!! Not to brag, but I have pretty good hair; however, this stuff makes my hair wonderfully pliable.  Also if you use the 5-1 *** and blow dry your hair, the HAIR DOES WHAT YOU WANT IT TO!!!!! And it stays clean for quite a long time.  I was able to not wash my hair for a third day, an oddity.

Planner Peace.  Ok this is hard, but I am going to admit that… I don’t like the horizontal planner.  😦 I tried for about 5 months to use it to the best of my ability, but I am not using it as well as I ant to.  So I decided to buy a new planner… This lead to several days of heavy research on the perfect planner (cheaper than Erin Condren).  And I decided on the Plum Paper Planner with the blog section.  The blooging sec ion really intrigues me.  And the cost is quite a bit cheaper than the Erin Condren.  So for 2016 I am straying from my first love of planner (second actually).


What Should I read Next?  I am really enjoying this podcast for two reasons.  First, the podcast is only about 30 minutes long, which after several (like 7) hour long podcasts, I really wanted something a bit shorter.  I really enjoy podcasts, but why do they have to be so long? Second, she talks books, and only books.  🙂  Not that I need any more books on my TBR list, but still I like gavin other perspectives.

KnitMoreGirls.  As always, they inspire me to knit more. 😉

You Must Remember This.  A movie podcast about the glamous and not so glamourous Hollywood history.  Very good! And entertaining.

TV Shows:

The Mysteries of Laura.  Its a good, semi-light cop show.  But the woman also has twins.

The Shannara Chronicles:  This TV show is on MTV and is a cross between Lord of the Rings and a show that would play on the CW.  The characters are mostly teenagers, but it also has Manu Bennett in it who has played in several other favorite shows of mine (Arrow).  Try it out.

Links I’m reading:

Modern Mrs Darcy.  She reads a lot!  And talks about it and other things that pertain to homelife.

While We’re Waiting.  This blog has encouraged me more than I can say these past few months. It is not updated very often, but the past articles detail a couples struggle with infertility which is a part of our lives.  Have a couple of tissues handy.

That is mostly all for this past month.  I hope you enjoyed my update.  😉


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  1. Sounds interesting! Thank you for sharing.

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