InCoWriMo 2016

I wrote this last week and thought I published it. Oh well… But here it is….

Next week February begins. And low and behold, it is InCoWriMo month. (Wha? says the minion) I learned about it from the Goulet Pen Company. The International Coorespondence Writing Month begins February 1st! And I plan to join in. Ever day we write at least one letter. After  some digging around on the website, I learned that the “letters” do not need to be six pages long with surprising details of your life. (Really watch the video if you want to know what I mean.) They included postcards in their heading of Coorespondence.  I have a whole box of postcards with Jane Austen quotes that need to be sent to loved ones. 😉 

I have been writing letters for quite sometime, and I look forward to going to the mailbox on chance that there is a letter for me. However, my time spent at my desk has shortened greatly in the past year (primarily because my desk gets clutter, but that’s a whole other story). So I am thinking this next month can be a time to focus on my writing and sharing with others in the “early form of social media”. Also I get to use my fountain pens which is awesome!! 😉  I hope you can join in even if it is just one letter. 🙂 

Update: Writing someone every day is hard!! Even Monday through Friday! But I am trying and keeping the spirit of the challenge close by. 

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