What I’m into… February 2016

Hello all!  Welcome to March.  I had the biggest plan to write this on our extra day in February (and I did start, I only wrote three words.).  However, I am getting to this now.

February was busy.  Is it just me, or when one’s age increases the more cluttered a person’s calendar gets?  NEWHO  It seemed like there was a ton of stuff that happened, but when I look back, I’m like, that was not that much.  Oh well.  🙂

February I celebrated my birthday!  And turned a year older and hopefully wiser.  🙂  My parents came for a visit to help celebrate, and we had a lot of fun cooking, eating, and enjoying some spring weather.


A Birthday is not complete without a tiara!

Books I Finished:

Sisterchicks Do the Hula.  This is one of my favorite authors.  I wrote about it here.  I meant to write some of the quotes that I loved in the book; however, I loaned it from the library and turned it in before I got a chance. I do plan to purchase it just so I can underline the beautiful words of encouragement and loan it to people.

Etiquette & Espionage (audiobook).  This is another favorite author.  I read her Parasol Protectorate series and fell in love with the steampunk, fantasy world Ms Carriager has.  This book also is in that world, and I enjoyed meeting a ton o fnew characters and some hints of characters from the Parasol series.  Her writing makes me crave tea, and after listening to it, I make an “afternoon” tea for my hubby after work.

Wicked Appetite.  Another favorite author (I seem to have quite a few. :>)  This series is about a baker who… I honestly cannot quite describe the world she is thrust into by meeting and being protected by an “Unusual”(?).  They go on a treasure hunt for a stone…  Ultimately, I really enjoyed the characters.  🙂 There is of course a beautiful hunk who has mystery surrounding him, and a lovable yet clumsy main female character.  Janet Evonvich has a way of writing quick, funny diolague that I enjoy.  It reminds me of the fast pace diolague from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gilmore Girls (favorite series as well…)

Books I started…

I didn’t start any books after I finished the ones above.  With my parents here, I did not take the time to read. Sadly.

Foods I’ve been cooking:

Crunch Wraps.  OMG!  These are amazing, and I almost wish I did not know how delicious and easy they are. A girl at work told me about them, and we have been making them regularly since.  It is inspired by the Crunch Wrap from Taco Bell, but homemade.  Take a flour tortilla (big one), spoon some meat, veggies, salsa, and cheese, then crush some tortilla chips on top, and repeat the meat, veggies, salsa, and cheese.  We used leftover Rotel Dip and taco meat, but the possibilities are endless.  Just make sure not to forget the tortilla chips crushed in the middle.  It makes these things addicting.  Word the wise: These require less stuff that you think.  Enjoy!

Grilled Pizza:  We made personal pizzas with my parents.  And it was so much fun, but we all ate at different times.  So next time, I am making two larger pizzas with each person getting only half a pizza.  And I’ll add appetizers for while the pizzas cook.  I used the Pioneer Woman’s pizza dough recipe and my pizza stone for my grill.  YUMMY!  I highly recommend a pizza stone, even though I balked at the idea before hand.  It really does make difference.

My Birthday Cake!  It was… pretty.  And Pretty good.  I have not made cake recently and am grossly out of practice.  But I enjoyed the process. 😉  The bottom was Nutella Ice Cream Cake, the top was a plain vanilla cake, and the frosting was my buttercream recipe.  I bought a candle chandler from Target, and I loved it!





Need I say more. 😉



Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  OMG!  This was our Valentine’s date.  I loved the movie.  And want to see it again.  Of course I am on the side of Janites that thinks she would have love this edition of Pride and Prejudice, but I like to think she had a good sense of humor. 😉  No it is not a movie masterpiece; however, I have heard that Matt Smith’s dancing was phemonial (I missed out).  See it when you can and enjoy.

Gummy Bears at work.  A friend at work shared the tropical bears from our employee store, and I have eaten more than  I would like to admit.  They are just so yummy.  And I am fan of most gummy anything.  😉

Ice Cream Cakes.  And Cake pops.  This stemmed from my birthday preparation.  The ice cream cake was a hit.  The cake pops were not.  Those were a fail.  I didn’t even take a picture, though I wish I had because it was quite comical how terrible they looked… and tasted.  Oh well… I will try again later.

My new avatars! A friend commissioned another friend to make these for me. 😉 I love them and have used them on almost all of my social media sites. 😉


Nothing really new.  I listened to the Pen Addicts in preparation for InCoWriMo and enjoyed that.  And I listened to the Popcast, which was entertaining.  But I only listened to one episode each.

Books on the Nightstand.  I love this podcast.  They are such good readers and seem so smart that I feel smarter after listening to them.


Rizzoli and Isles came back on.  And I am loving it.  I know they were originally book characters, but I enjoy the show so much that I have only read one book.  Plus the first book went into the mind of a criminal, and I was not too much of a fan.

Lilo and Stitch.  Such a good movie.  And set in Hawaii…

New Links I read:

The Well Appointed Desk.  Also in preparation of InCoWriMo.

The Pen Addict.  From the podcast.


After his spa day.

Thoughts from this month:

The importance of a nap.  I work nights… And am sleep deprived.  I know most people are as well.  This past month, I rediscovered how lovely a nap can be and mood lifting.  😉 After a few days of not sleeping well and a few hours of being Miss Grouchy Pants, I toke a nap.  I swear my inner Grouch had a little party and went back to her trash can.  I woke up feeling so much better and I could conquer the world.  Or at least the task at hand.

The newness of friendship. With this move, I wanted to find friends quicker than I did in CA. (I ended up with awesome friends in CA, but I did wallow for a while before making the effort.) This month I was able to have coffee, go to brunch, and hang out with a few new friends.  All went well. 🙂 (Friends in CA, I still miss you guys.)

My Plum Planner.  I got a new planner, primarily because I wanted a portion of the planner  dedicated to this blog and help me stay on track.  I received it this past month and am still trying to discover planner peace.  Hopefully I can share more about it when I do find that peace.

InCoWriMo 2016.  I did not accomplish this.  But I wrote a few more letters than normal and got a reply back from a new corespondent.  Exciting.

Project Life.  I have been doing project life for a while and really love the simplicity of the “pockets”.  This year I decided to use the app only, and I am almost caught up on 2016.  Well… I was until my birthday; however, I am not so far behind as I was last year… I still haven’t started Feb 2015. And honestly last year I had difficulty looking back after the move.  I think I’m getting there, baby Steps. Baby Steps.  I watched the Project Photo Resuce videos, and they really encouraged me to keep going and enjoy the process.  Check it out.  They just launched the android app, so I think that covers most people!  🙂


A Page I made on the app from December


I think that covers this past month.  I hope you have had a lovely February as well.  Joining Leigh (though I think I pasted the deadline again.) 😉

My Birthday Dinner

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