Good Friday

Hello Friends, 

I only have a few moments, but I wanted to share a little. Today is Good Friday. It is the day my Savior (and yours too) died to ransom us and enable us to be His. 

It hit me this morning when I was contemplating how exhausted I was that He was right there too. Two Thousand years ago He was up all night being beaten and ridiculed in between and during the trials that ultimately condemned him to die. The day before (Thursday) he was on his hands and knees washing his disciples feet just before the Passover feast/ First communion. Oh how much he must have been feeling. I (who am not carring the weight of the world and not about to die) am so tired I want to fall over. And I want to give up, so badly. All I want is sleep. And rest. I am almost sure He wanted the same. Body screaming for a respite. But no… He wanted me… He wanted you more. 

I will not be able to sleep until I get in my seat on a plane around noon. Jesus, from what I understand, died around 3. He also woke up (probably) the morning of Thursday. I woke up around 4 pm Thursday. Oh the exhaustion and weariness he must have felt. 

There is an area in my life I want to give up, throw in the towel, and just forget the pain of it all. But my Savior did not give up, nor did he give in. He saw everything through to the end with less sleep (I know it’s small but serious it’s big). 

I don’t deserve that kind of love. I do not live up to that kind of sacrifice. But Jesus… 

He paid it all. I / you do not have to do anything but believe Him. 

Oh what Grace. 

Thank you Lord. 

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