Yarn Along 19

Joining Ginny.

This is a finished post! Yay! I finished my Harvest cardigan!  It finished rather quickly.  All I need is a button or shawl pin to complete it.  I also am thinking of adding pockets, but I am going to let the project rest for a bit then add the pockets.  Now I can begin working on something else…  What to start?… What to start?… Suggestions?

I also just finished a book, A Royal Pain.  This is the second in a wonderful series.  It is a mystery but not scary, and I really enjoy the characters.  The writing reminds me of Gail Carriger and the Parasol Protectorate series.  So much fun!  Plus seeing the royal family in the 1930s from the prospective of an insider is fun as well.  🙂

I also started All The Light We Cannot See.  It is apart of my Reading Challenge under “book that intimidates you”.  🙂

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One Response to Yarn Along 19

  1. Desiree says:

    Beautiful Cardigan.

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