Yarn Along 20

Hello!!  Long time… I know.  Two weeks ago, I had an outpatient surgery, and since then I have been recovering.  Nothing major, but dang… Anesthesia kicked my butt.  I am still often tired and sleeping a lot.  Tomorrow I go back to work, but the two weeks I toke off were enjoyable even though I had little energy.

I have been reading and knitting quite a bit though.  I just finished (like an hour ago) The Next Always by Nora Roberts (my sister’s favorite author).  I enjoyed the story, and even though it begins in the summer, it ends in the fall.  So I am beginning to look forward to the fall time.  😉 I also read Me Before You.  That was a wonderful book.  The movie that just came out has some of my favorite actors in it, and I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie.  The book made me think about issues and how I would respond in certain situations.

I also began (and seriously knit) a pair of my Countess socks with the Felcie yarn from Knit Picks (they have a new batch!!).  🙂 I am almost done and really excited about them!

What have you been knitting and reading? Joining Ginny.

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