What I am into… May 2016 (Better late than never)

I am starting early. (And posting late… Due to a recent surgery, I have not really been writing quite as much.  I plan to change this.) Since I struggle remembering exactly what I did each month at the end of the month, I plan to work on this throughout the month.

What Happened This Month

We got our porch screened-in!  My wonderful in-laws came to visit over Mother’s Day weekend, and they plus my husband put it up.  Now we can sit outside without the bugs really bothering us.  I supplied the food and drinks.  😉

When the men were doing more hard labor during the heat of the day, I talked my MIL into rearranging our office.  With her help and design eye, the room has opened up a lot and my desk does not feel quite so claustrophobic.  I LOVE IT!

I redug the flower beds in between the porch and pergola.  This is the look I am going for.  I hope to finish it before the end of the month.

Books I’ve Read

Romancing Mister BridgetonThis is another book in the Bridgeton series.  I read them out of order of course, but I enjoyed the characters being writers.  After I finished it, I wrote three letters.  A fluffy fun romance.

A Royal Pain. I wrote about it recently in my Yarn Along.  I really enjoy this series.

Foods I’ve Been Cooking

I started making meal plans.  And instead of making our lunches separately, I have been making three to four servings of each dinner then freezing the individual portions as our lunches.  So far so good.

Nepalese Chicken Tarkari with Jasmine Rice.  This recipe is a meal we received from Blue Apron.  I made the recipe again with my own ingredients.  Again, it was wonderful!

I made Chicken Pad Thai using this recipe as a base.  It was amazing and the hubby has requested I make it regularly! 😉


I make Strawberry Lemonade during Mother’s Day weekend.  Everyone loved it!  I am not a fan of lemonade, but… I can see adding a few shots of vodka and it being amazing.  hehe.  But they loved it regular as well.  I have a feeling I will be making this a lot this summer.


I have enjoyed the PopCast this month.  Although I do not understand half of the things they talk about, but they make me laugh and think outside my usual pop culture self. 😉


the Lizzie Bennett Diaries.  OMG!!!  I am obsessed.  These videos are on YouTube and are hilarious.  The hubby turned me on to them, and I have been watching them almost non-stop. LOVE THEM!  And I found out, they have more books!!!  I finished the Lizze Bennett Diaries in record time and giggled a lot!  For now, I am pausing my journey down the rabbit hole, but check them out!!

NCIS.  Yes. I started the series.  And though I have only begun season 2, I really like watching them.  I like the character interaction and the mysteries.

Sorry this post is really late in coming, and a little rough around the edges, but since I had it typed up, I decided to post it.


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