Yarn Along 23

Hello… Again.

Drinking French Press Coffee with Hazelnut (yum) and joining Ginny.

I toke a slight detour in my reading by reading the Hathways series all the way through again… Does anyone ever do that?  I find that books particularly about loving families are comforting during stressful times in my life.  So… Now that I have finished the series for the second time, I wanted to start something different.  And thankfully my library had a requested book of mine on hand for me!

So… I am currently reading What Alice Forgot.  I read a chapter or two in Barnes and Noble one day when I considered purchasing it.  However, my budget was a bit tight, so I thought the library would be a better route.  I was a bit skeptical about the book; however, just in the few pages I read, I was overwhelmed with sympathy of the main character.  It is written in first person, so I completely felt lost and confused just like Alice.  I am very excited to see where the book goes!

I also cast on a new project.  In the podcast Yarniacs, they have Colors of the Season KAL.  This is an awesome idea.  They take the colors of the specific season from Pantone and make them into garments one can wear.  I love this idea, particularly for accessories.  One will always feel in season!  🙂 So I started the Meditate in two of the colors: Sharkskin and Potter’s Clay.  (Not my favorite of the colors, but they were from my stash.)

This knit is getting me excited for fall, as noted by the coffee drinking.

What are you reading and knitting this week?

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One Response to Yarn Along 23

  1. Cathy says:

    It is wonderful to think of fall…whatever we might be knitting or reading. Please do share your shawl when it is finished, I would love to see it.

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